Mail Admin Tool

What is this?

Mail Admin Tool is a site/script/piece of software i created to make editing of my email server accounts a lot more easy than doing it by hand with SQL querys

It was created with ISPmail in mind, and it should work if you followed the guide on how to make your own email server

What can it do?

If you followed the ISPmail guide, and have your virtual_domains, virtual_users and virtual_aliases in your database containing your email accounts, domains and aliases, then with this you can edit these data and even reset the email account passwords when the users forget them, in a easy and simple way

Can i use it free for buisness/commercial?


Can i change the code?

Yes. See README.txt for details

Please, if you do change it, find bugs or have any suggestions on how to make this better, send me an email (

Can YOU help?

I have got a lot of feature requests, suggestions, changes and some good ideas by email.

Because so big interest in MAT, I would like to make a version 2. A better, bigger version with more features and all the stuff that everybody requested! But sadly, I don't have time...

Therefore I am looking for someone who wants to join me. You have to be able to code the following: PHP, mysql, jquery/javascript.

You will get absolutely NOTHING for it. There is no pay, just the joy of making MAT better for youself and others. You will of course get your name in the credits, readme file and everywhere else as a coder on MAT

Is this for you? write me an email at and let's talk about it




The latest version of this mananagement interface is: 1.2.1

Installation guide can be found here:

Download it free here: Download